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People often ask me how I came about launching Bake Sale, so I thought I’d share my story with you here.

Firstly, I am a self-taught baker with a major sweet tooth. Chocolate chip cookies meet these two needs fabulously. To this day, they remain my favourite treat, but I digress.  Basically, I was like many of you out there, baking was a hobby with great fringe benefits.

Prior to opening the bakery, most of my career had been in consumer package goods. I had left the corporate world and joined a friend who had her own Human Resources company.  It was a great transition to a small business environment, but it was a bit like moving into your boyfriend’s apartment – it never really feels like your own.  I began thinking about what kind of business I could start.

At the time, we were living in the Sunnylea/Kingsway  neighbourhood.  I often said to my husband and friends, we could really use a bakery in the area.  I had also noticed at my daughters’ fun fairs, the bake sale table always cleared out quickly.  Families clearly appreciated home baked goods. The other thing was that I would often buy something in a bakery that looked beautiful but was disappointing in the way it tasted - or it was stale.  If I did find something really delicious, it was so expensive that I couldn’t afford to buy one for everyone in my family. These influences were the source of the idea – a local bakery, with treats made from scratch, always fresh, and something the whole family could enjoy.  I chose the name Bake Sale because it incorporated all that I wanted my bakery to represent – delicious treats, made from scratch, in your neighbourhood.

Looking back, that was the easiest part of the journey.  Let’s just say that the vision of me baking in the morning, and reading a book between serving customers in the afternoon was not 20/20.  Next time I’ll tell you about the challenges I faced getting to opening day and what I learned along the way.

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